This page will contain tatt designs and tattz owned/worn by me.

This tattoo is a spider on my right shoulder blade, I drew it, they ink'd it.

Celtic Style Cross

This is the final design w/shading for a Celt cross I designed for my right calf.

You can click here to see it on my leg and filled in here.



This infinity symbol and brush stroke were designed by Bruce Lee, I have yet to see anyone else with this tattoo but I'm sure it has to be somewhere! Click here to see it on my chest.


Tree of Life

This was done by a female friend of mine. These images are very sacred to her, you have the tibetian "Om" on top and the tree of life, the other images are bind runes, runes of power etc...


ColChamber O

This one was done for another female friend of mine - the "O" around the image of the man is from the band "Orgy" and the man within the "O" is from "Colchamber" (spelling?).


Buckle Armband 2

This was the final design for my friend Joe on his arm band, I have pictures of it actually on his arm and will have those up as soon as I have his permission.


Buckle Armband 1

This is the first design for Joes arm band.


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