You may ask how did you do that? well, click here and find out...

My current work on the Sats new hood is here! (NEW)

Click here for more pictures!.

Personal Vehicle Name:
Cuervo. Meaning, the crow in spanish.

It used to have the standard 318 in it and I dry siezed it at the 150,000mile mark...damnit...but now she's got a 360 with a double pumper holley on er' and a Hillbourn Air Ram ontop, soon we'll be putting a 440 in it, so be watching!

It's the stock 727!!! It has never failed me and it's the original one!

Rear End:
Again, totally stock.

I drag on the weekends in Portland, nothing to legal about that, it does pretty well, but I try to keep it not to buff, so I can drive it to work and what not...

I have new rims to put on with pictures here but I don't have any rubber on them yet.

The ones I currently have on the car: (FOR SALE)
1 standard oval mag and 3 Wierd Torque-Thrust-D style magnesium rims:

 Travis Ogden
 Resident MoPar-PhReAK          UIN:    1449140

 1973 Plymouth Satellite Sebring - (FlatBlack) AirRam 360/727 4Bbl
                                   (Dual Exhaust!!!)
 1973 Plymouth Satellite Sebring - (FlatBlack) {Sundance} 318/727 2Bbl

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