The RingMaster
The RingMaster

First the Wind

Mister Kite flies high, before his speech he sigh,
Welcome one and all to the greatest show on earth,
and this is his beconned challenge to innocent mind,
The people come in hords to the gateway of lights aligned,
They follow the swarthy robed man with willful intent,
The hippodrome stands to tall, the red and white tent,
They sit in their seats, awaiting the show with fake faces,
Eager parents want to hurry and go,

One child sees it all.

A elliusive multilayered pipe organ strikes up somewhere cold,
The RingMasters' eyes are knifelike, opaque and old,
A three ringed spectacle opens it's sweet first act,
The swarthy man was right second to none, not a detail has been lacked,
In ring one the strongman lifts incredible weights,
The audience preocupied, the swarthy carbon man closes the gates,
The RingMaster drownes in his over zealous necromacy,
Still the young childs eyes take it all in and see,

The RingMaster had told them twenty nine years in preparation,
In right two the clowns from car engage in separation,
And of course the white sequened horse dances the waltz,
Everyone in sinc they perform without faults,
The swarthy man was right, a splendid time is gauranteed for all,
Next enter a humongous horse and men short and tall,
They drag a massive cannon to the biggest, ring three,
Everyone claps and smiles they know what it must be,
The RingMaster stands six foot, four, in middle ring,
As the skinney and fat lady proceed their funny song to sing,
The beautiful horses run in circles in ring one,
The audience laughs and claps, oh what horrid fun,
Smiles of happiness written all over upturned faces,
As it turns to twilight the enclosed fair uppens paces,
Acrobats on elephants enter on stage left,
Five strong men now they continue to heft,
The swarthy man brings one eager soul out away from tent,
No one saw them leave or even cared where they went,

Over one hundred and fifty performers all perform together,
The swinging trapeze people attached by single teather,
Still the RingMaster stands tall in center ring,
He stands on blocks tallest round here he's monarch, king,
Mr. Kite lingers high above watching all, and smiling,
From his belt, RingMaster pulls a curved crooked knife,
Now it's time to unveil the climatic wall,
The young boys eyes now cought, he still sees all,
RingMasters dagger plunges into his enfeebled chest,
As swarthy robed man and prey roam farther from the rest,
The crowd gasps in horror some stand in protest,
His unfaltering smile, his knife in his chest,
His rising body sparks, his arms held high,
His body in flames, he did not die,
The crowd shreeks and trample for the door,
The performers kneal to the ground they beg for more,
The swarthy man comes to a circus wagon on flat ground,
They go to the door and hear a distant hound,

They enter, a man in a hood is there,
The innocent man feels he's entered the lions lair,
The man in the hood peers through his flaming puppets eyes,
But the gate is closed, no escape the human child cries,

The RingMasters gone now only a giant fireball remains,
There is no escape the older parents complains,
The RingMasters fire touches the top of the tent,
Old frail wood and canvas into flames it is sent,

The hooded man bids the two men sit,
Their bodies to the dual chairs, they fit,
The hooded man peers into innocent eyes,
As innocent people in the tent burn, bake and dies,

The grand finale, an insane man stands and sincerelly claps,
As the rest of the tent crumbles and does collapse,
The innocent man bows and sleeps, in transe,
He's now a puppet, a victem of the game,
Of this evil place where the hooded man came,

Time comes,
And Goes,

The wind...

Mister Kite flies high, before his speech he sigh,
Welcome one and all to the greatest show on earth,
Second to none.
A splendid time is gauranteed for all.