Little Nemo

What are we to do?

Crossing in networks of steel and stone
They fornicate, masturbate on societys pleasure
Forming our childerens own burial
How do we enjoy our own sodomy
Pain it may be, but oh so fun
Sexual manipulation of mother earth
Tease her, taste her, feel the pleasure as you rape her
While she rams you with her own toy of joy
Crumbling in ruins all falls
Whilst giving birth to the ever larger son of fuck


Coffee grounded to tobacco
Every day dusk settles into its regular niche
As the beer settles into hand
Same motion, same thought,same reaction, same day
Adults bitching the way a child cries
Only the child is comforted or barraged with words
The slap that's harder then any physical pain
The cannonball that sinks the ship after days at sea
I melt into the leather that gently massages and softens my lust for action
As butter dissapates into toast, annointing it with holy properties
Coffee cup is filled, cigarette lit, soothing the lungs,blessing me.


Speed to the nearest store
and pick up your over the counter crack
Sever yourself from reality
and play with the "stars"
Learn one of a kind insights
everyone knows!!
So hurry up,
and pay five dollars
Rush home and light it up,
You'll never go back!!!

Little Nemo