Here is the photogallery of the Goose, you won't catch me looking to hard at this page as it'll probably jerk a tear out of my eyes. I had to sell her so that I could move with my now x-wife. I sold her in Portland Oregon for $2500, if you see her, DONT TELL ME. To see a bigger image, just click on one of the ones below.

This is the picture of my old 1963 Buick Skylark Convertable, and I SOLD her...

Also check out the BOMBSIGHT

Personal Vehicle Name:
Goose, She's was beautiful Lark

The engine is the stock 215 v-8 aluminium block! Yes you heard that right. Aluminium. Stock carb as well.

Syncromesh I think? It is the stock tranny, never rebuilt, STOCK condition.

Rear End:
Again, totally stock.

What really gets me is that I had all the paper work on this car, EVERYTHING, the original dealer shop manual, the template code sheet, the floor sales information, everything. The license plate has "PHAT RIDE" on the border. I know I'll never find another one. But she was fun while I did have her.