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This is probably the oldest picture that I have of my car. This was taken in Oregon City, OR after I came down from Alaska. It's taken at the same time as the one above - with a friends Volvo of matching flat black.
Taken at our house on Lombard in Portland, OR.
This is again my car at our house on Lombard with my 1963 Buick Skylark.
A very poor picture of my car.

This is the newest picture of my car as of 9.07.00 - you can see my new centerline rims! WOOT. I believe the tires on the back are: 275/50/15's and the ones on the front are: 195/60/15's.
This is a little higher view (second story window) of my car. Ok, so I need to clean my window...
Another shot just in case the first didn't show up. So much for trying to move to a cleaner patch of window.
Ok, this one is now the newest picture, taken on a rainy trip from South Dakota to Portland, my great escape...

Added [July, 27th, 2001]