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The fist part to come off the car. I thought it was a nice abstract shot to take. The heart tore from the beast...
Here is the new engine! One head on already, notice the Mcdonalds cups, mmmm, breakfast.
Here is the completelly assembled engine, ready to put in, Dodge 360.
Here is my partner, Andy, he's tired of scrubbin' the old corroded pieces we have been taking off of the car all day.
The engine is now in the satellite, and we're installing it and bolting it to the mounts.
The engine is in, ready to start, with the Hilbourn hood air ram on top.
This is Andy watching me work on the front brakes.
Ack, it's naked...yep...tore that ceiling right out, it had a funky brown old foam up there, bleh don't breath.