BBS Central

Our BBS list is sorted by area code.


Clark County Childcare Directories (360-694-8135; 14.4): Childcare provider listings for Clark County, WA. Also, children and productivity software. Exp. 9703

Electronic Educator (360-837-3299; 28.8): Dedicated to Liberty and Learning. Free access, download on first call; educational games, political files, FidoNet, message areas, WA.Law online, dictionary door, stuff for all. Exp. 9705

Patch Works (360-260-8880; 33.6): Many online doors, inter-BBS games of Bre, Falcon's Eye and more. SB support BBS doors. Fido msgs. Exp. 9704

Pipeline (360-750-6896; 14.4): Official BBS of Vancouver Amiga Users Group. Open to all, and works on all platforms; message areas, online games, and files online. Free. Exp. 9704


32-BIT (503-359-5268; 19.2): Looking for 32-BIT Warriors! Play the awsome Inter-BBS games of Falcon's Eye, BRE and TAL. Exp. 9705

Aardvarks Always Answer (503-397-6819; 33.6; Community-oriented (no adult), co-owned by Computer Bits' very own Mrs. Johnson. Exp. 9705

Ace of America (503-761-9074; 28.8): Supports all computer types. Wanted: message posters. Exp. 9704

Advantage Plus (503-698-6091; 28.8): Online games: LORD (registered), etc. CD-ROMs tons of files. Free access first call. Exp. 9704

Benjamin's BBS (503-255-9657; 14.4): Wanted: Christians, women, and talkative people to engage in debate and conversation. Exp. 9704

Billboard (503-762-1681; 19.2): Door games, chat, files, free trial, growing fast! Come Play LORD here if you can handle the heat. Online contests, all ages welcome, Wildcat 5 BBS. Exp. 9705

BloodLines (503-357-0188; 14.4): "A little bit of wierdness in a very normal world!" Adult games, dozens of door type games, forums on the occult and vampires. Free 1 hour access a day till I go multi-line. Exp. 9705

C:\*.BBS (503-591-7790/7890; 28.8): General users free. IBM, 9 CD-ROMs, 3 nodes, 8GB, games, adult, chat, LORD, BRE, Usurper, and more. Exp. 9703

Catalyst (503-282-4790; 28.8): One of the best MUD realms around. TW, teleconference, files, and much more. Exp. 9704

Code: RED! (503-642-5448; 14.4): General board with great online games! Exp. 9704

Comptrollers (503-848-7249; 28.8): Oriented to new computer owners (and family-oriented), games, 3000+ files and information for people who are looking for some help with operating their computers. Free 30-day trial. Exp. 9704

Crazy Larry's Online Art (503-357-7399; 33.6): Thousands of files. User-friendly interface for ANSI callers, with free GUI interface available that lets you use your favorite WWW browser. Free access. Home of the most popular wcCode software for Wildcat! BBS. Exp. 9703

Digital Distortion (503-644-4722; 33.6): Lots of neat files. Online games, including registered LORD. Due to modem problems, the BBS might not always be up. Exp. 9704

Digital Edge (503-492-7218; 14.4): New BBS running Wildcat! 5 files, doors, adult, free board for a while. Exp. 9705

Disk Jockey Online (503-636-4947; 33.6; 32 lines, live chat, DOS and Mac software, free. Full Internet available. Exp. 9703

Dragon Riders (503-794-8233; 14.4): Lots of door games, CD-ROM, files. Open to all. Free. Exp. 9703

EarthNet (503-699-7702): Excalibur-based BBS featuring multimedia games, online personals, files, adult images and one of the largest celebrity picture archives anywhere. And more. Free Trial. Exp. 9706

Extended Play (503-227-0758; 33.6): 16 lines, MajorMUD, LORD, Lunatix, doors, all free. Exp. 9703

Flying Party (503-492-4602; 14.4): Online library, door games, graffiti wall contests and free Internet mail. Exp. 9706

Garbage Can (503-256-3563; 28.8): Specializing in OS/2 shareware and freeware. Exp. 9705

Heartbeat of Portland (503-736-1039; 14.4): Multi lines for easy access. Internet, chat, games, 2GB files, monthly gatherings. Free trial. The Fun Place to BBS! Voice 736-1038. Exp. 9704

Hot Pockets (503-232-9657; 14.4): Portland's oldest gay/lesbian/bi BBS, under new ownership. Chat, e-mail, diverse message bases and files. All lifestyles welcome. 18 or over please. 2-week trial. Exp. 9704

i-Matrix (503-685-5248; 28.8): 4 lines, LORD plus many other games, free Internet e-mail. 30 mins a day free. Friendly tech support. Info at Exp. 9705

JavaNet (503-716-4302; 28.8): Come on over and join a clean adult BBS! Single user games, multi-user games such as MajorMud, Tradewars and Crosswordz. Diverse Forums and File Libraries. Happy and Friendly staff! Free trial! Exp. 9705

Leading Edge (503-661-4817; 28.8): New BBS. Just starting out with WC5. Adult access available. Exp. 9705

Leisure On-Line (503-788-9566; 14.4): A fun selection of the cool online games, over a gig of filespace, and great ANSI graphics! 45min/day free, fun and clean. Exp. 9704

Midnight Madness (503-716-4302; 28.8): We come alive after dark, come in and chat a bit with us. All the usual stuff -- MajorMud: The Dragons Teeth, Tradewars: Shared warped game (no tedit-ing allowed), Lord's and Tournament Lords Tournaments with prizes -- and some of the more unusal stuff! Forums on Occult, Wicca, Vampires, Art Bell and others! Diverse and interesting File libraries. Free trial! 42 Lines of up to 28.8 Access via 3 T-1's! Exp. 9705

Midnight Rendezvous (503-357-4431; 14.4): 2 hours per day free, a Wildcat! BBS, great user-friendly ANSI, lots of files, doors and more. We have special texts focusing on hacking/phreaking, anti-government, anti-big-business, more! We carry things no one else will. LANtastic network with over 2 gigs. The best is back and better than ever! Exp. 9706

Moatload of Goatload 2 (503-777-2631; 28.8): Previously Renegade. Doesn't really have a name. Wacky and wild. Dana Delany fan club, some WWIV support files, mal-nutritioned users, un-motivated sysop, and more. 100% free. Exp. 9704

Moms Online! (503-656-6667; 14.4): A BBS for parents. Information, job opportunities, chat, and message areas. Exp. 9703

NAGBBS (503-228-5618): Northwest Amiga Groups official BBS. Two lines, file arcives, message base, Internet e-mail and news. Free. Exp. 9704

Nebeaux Nerdinski (503-233-2046; 28.8): LORD, NW:Net, e-mail, files, free. Everyone welcome, monthly contests. Exp. 9704

Nite Hawk (503-649-2233; 28.8): MajorMud, Doom, Doom2, Duke3D, WC2, Descent, Descent2, large file area, 5 hour free trial. Exp. 9704

Noah's Kitchen (503-977-3934; 28.8): Want to go where the talk is new, the games are easy, and the files are wild? Come to Noah's Kitchen, the antidote to the Internet. Exp. 9704

Oasis (503-222-4146; 28.8): Running TBBS 2.3, two lines, two-week free trial, after that $5.00 mo., over 25 online games, e-mail, public message boards, file library is growing daily. Now with full Ripterm 2+ imaging, full mouse support. Exp. 9703

Oregon Trails (503-655-4645; 28.8): Family-rated, 14 CDs online, over 5,000 text files, FidoNet, Centipede, general admission free. Exp. 9704

Pooh's Corner (503-203-1617; 14.4): Lots of files; runinng 2 different BBS programs: tribbs, major. 40+ door games, Death Masters and LORD. Exp. 9704

QuarterFlash (503-245-2135; 33.6): Online continuously since June 1992. InterBBS BRE and FE. Tournament and Regular LORD. 20+ CDs. Fidonet. A fun place to be and it's all free. Come on by. Exp. 9705

RAIN - Random Access Information Network (503-695-3250; 33.6): 100K+ files, 7 networks, newsgroups, 30 games, chat, adult images. Best file source in Northwest. Since 1988. Exp. 9705

Rendezvous with the World (503-760-4099; 14.4): Full Internet plus full BBS. Accounts for any budget. E-mail, WWW, etc. plus LORD, TW2002 tourneys, tons of other games. Free trial. Exp. 9704

Rendezvous with the World (503-760-4099; 14.4): Full Internet plus full BBS. Accounts for any budget: $5 to $25/mo. E-mail, WWW, FTP, IRC, telnet, etc., plus LORD and TW 2002 tourneys. BBS over 18 only; Internet, all ages with parental consent. Free trial. 24-hr info at 503-323-2303. Exp. 9704

Side Street (503-261-0502; 14.4): Running WildCat 4.20, one node. A cul-de-sac far from the info highway. Very few files, by design. Always looking for online Scrabble players. Wide variety of word games. No XXX files! Exp. 9703

Star Gate (503-209-0002; 28.8): Over 30,000 files, 800 newsgroups, Internet access, news, sports, weather, games, business advertising, and more. Eugene access number is 541-988-0354. Exp. 9705

Starship (503-244-2870; 28.8): Primarily supporting Atari computers; also has general interest areas and a limited selection (only 2 CDs) of PC software. Free Internet e-mail and newsgroups. Special interest areas for music, pagans, and programmers. No charge for access. Exp. 9705

Synaptic Cleft (503-977-2942; 33.6): Recently upgraded, mental health and much more, no fee. Exp. 9706

Syntax Error (503-675-0879; 28.8): Free Wildcat 4!-based system designed to attend to your every needs. 4GB of files, member of FidoNet, and also has 10+ doors, many of which are inter-BBS. Exp. 9704

TCF BBS (503-716-4302; 28.8): A family-oriented BBS offering free access to children 13 and under with parental permission. We offer such things as MajorMUD, Tradewars (Regular and Tournament), Crosswordz, LORDs, diverse forums including areas for school assistance. Weekly user meets including bingo bi-weekly and monthly family get-togethers. Exp. 9705

Terminally Insane (503-794-5930; 28.8): 32 CD-ROMs, doors, messages and more. Free instant access. 50 mins/day. No adult. Formerly The Black Hole, or Destiny. Exp. 9703

Tiny Zoo (503-537-9921; 28.8): WWIV, multi-net, LORD, 65+ message topics (pets, education, genealogy, misc), no file ratio, zoo theme, family and home-schoolers encouraged to call, no adult files. Free. Hours available: 11 pm to 8 am. Exp. 9703

Union Hall (503-682-9789; 28.8): Free BBS, lots of games, monthly contests, LORD, Tradewars, Wild West, and many card games. Exp. 9703

Void (503-625-4495; 28.8): One of the fastest single node BBSs in Oregon. Call and find out. Has Linux file areas, games, apps, etc. Exp. 9704

WCS Online! (503-631-8439; 28.8; (Formerly Williams Computer Services) Inexpensive Internet access available for WWW, e-mail, telnet, ftp. Running the NEW Wildcat Interactive Net Server, and providing over 350 local message areas from Fido and Intelec message networks. Online interactive gaming, and over 5GB of files online! Fully graphical BBS available using the FREE provided Wildcat Navigator software. Exp. 9703

Werehouse (503-649-5768; 28.8): WWIV/Ice/GothNet, 80+ subs, paranormal, metaphysics, 2000+ files, IBM, Amiga, apps, music, graphics, texts. Free. Exp. 9704


Deep Forest (541-343-5859; 14.4): A free BBS with beatiful ANSI graphics! Very easy to use. Go ahead and give it a call and have fun! Exp. 9703

House of Cards (541-688-5635; 14.4): A free "family" BBS, no adult echos or files. Teen echos, games (including BRE, LORD, Scrabble and Exitilus), files (both Windows and DOS), medical, for-sale echos and many more. Your world wide genealogy connection! Exp. 9705

Lumberyard (541-547-4605; 14.4): Lincoln Co. politics, cyber-issues, files, local/global news and views. Oregon's only online precinct, #03 Seaview. Exp. 9705

Shooter (541-461-6175; 33.6): Multi-player game server, 9 lines, Doom, Duke 3D, Descent, Strife, Heretic, Hexen, CivNet and more. Exp. 9704

Stormy Night (541-883-1574; 28.8): A great variety of online games, thousands of files, daily horoscope, fortune teller, very active messsage areas, a fun place to spend your time! Exp. 9705

Temporary Insanity (541-683-2655; 14.4): WWIV 4.24A system. Lots of doors to try out, and very unique in a strange way... Exp. 9706

TLC Online (541-431-0874; 28.8): Scrabble, chat, free local e-mail. 7GB+ files available for download. Online forum, classifieds, free dating service. This is an easy-to-use, click-and-point system, no ANSI to look at. Download free Excalubur to see why it was rated #1 for BBSs. Sorry no DOS or Macs. Exp. 9705