2D Art Section

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This picture is a tourist type of picture I did in Photoshop4.0
This is a picture of an Anime gunner...I drew, scanned then airbrushed in photoshop4.0
Familly is an old picture that I have redone in Photoshop4.0 to resemble either some sort of horrible contagious virus or perhaps war, in which only one person servives out of the familly.
Dragon started as a book report, and I went nuts and scanned it and redid it in Photoshop 3.0
This is the first of two pieces I did, I took a normal picture, scanned it and then...redid it. Granny.
This is the second one similar to the one above. HeadMan.
This is a picture of an Indian girl. The Girl.
This is a friend of mine, redone on a broken PowerMac. Kenya.
This one I did from memory in pen and ink then airbrushed it in Photoshop. MyHead.
This is the first of two, a friend of mine sent these to me, she told me to make her look sexy, the second is the one I sent back.
This is the second one, the one I sent her.
This is a black and white picture of my friend that I redid in Photoshop 3.0. Sara.
This one is another friend redone by Photoshop3.0. Tiffany.
This was a design project I did while in college. Watch.